Please read as you are agreeing to these terms once a deposit has been made.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone.

We reserve the right to retain any and all kids born on our farm,

regardless of waiting lists.

All goat’s purchased must be going to a home with other goats, or you will need to purchase a “pet wether” if available from us which will be sold at a discounted rate.

All our animals will be current on their vaccinations, tattooed, and disbudded unless requested otherwise

(please see additional info)

All Buck and does will come with registration papers or the application for AGS, ADGA and NDGA.

*we disbud all of kids. If you would prefer to have horns on your goat, the animal will need to be paid in full prior to the time we would disbud.

This payment is then NON-REFUNDABLE and/or NON-TRANSFERABLE, unless the animals would become ill, and die prior to weaning time. Then the monies received would be applied to the purchase of another animal. While we do our best to disbud in a way that eliminates horn growth. Scurs (small horn growth) can happen for any reason in any animal, but you will espesially find this in "bucks" We can not promise your animal will not develop scurs.*



We do take and have a waiting “reservation” list. It is on a first contact us basis, and requires no money down to be placed on the list.

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please contact us as soon as possible and let us know what you are looking for. We need to know how many you would like, if you would like a buck or a doe, or pet wether. While we can’t promise eye color, we tend to have a lot of kids with blue eyes. So you may request “blue” eyes. But I CANNOT promise this.

Once our does begin kidding I will contact the people on the reservation list as the requests become available. You will have 48 hrs to respond with your approval and appropriate deposit, or I will move to the next person on the list and so forth.



All  deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. If you change your mind and don’t want a goat from us all MONIES paid are forfeited, and will NOT be returned. In the event “your” animal would die, all monies paid would then be transferred towards the purchase of another animal if available at that time. If no other animal is available, then all monies will be returned at our convince. If you just choose to “change” your mind and not want to purchase a goat from us, all monies paid up till that date are NON-REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE, and will be forfeited.  Deposits are as follows:

Does $ 100.00 each

Bucks $ 100.00 each

Wethers $ 50.00 each


The animal must be paid in FULL prior to leaving the farm. If you only put a deposit on the animal. Final payment must be made in CASH. No exceptions. If you wish to make payments, you may make them via check or pay-pal (payments made via pay-pal will require an additional $ 5.00 processing fee each time) And the last payment has to clear (with a minimum of 2wks) prior to pick animal pick up.


We currently do NOT offer Shipping on our animals.

We encourage pick-up.

We can deliver within a 50-mile radius for an additional fee. The animal and delivery fee must be paid in full prior to delivery day. We will only deliver on Saturday and Sundays and the times are limited.

If the animal is not picked up by the agreed date.

An additional boarding fee will be charge and will be collected prior to release of the animal.

Does & wethers will incur a $3.00each additional Day Charge

Bucks will incur a$5.00 additional Day Charge


Our animals are healthy when they leave our farm
however due to difference in care, stress of travel, feed and your herd management, I cannot not guarantee the health of the animal once it leaves "our care."

 Once an animal leaves my property, I cannot be responsible for its health, under any circumstances. I am happy to have my veterinarian perform any examination or tests you wish (at your expense) before the animal is to be picked up.

Our Animals are sold as is. They are sold with NO guarantees of future health, production, size or quality, breeding or milking ability. I have spent time, money and energy into my breeding program to produce goats that I believe to be of quality and those that conform to breed standard. We have stock that are able to be shown, will excel in the milk pail, be plain family milkers, or are best suited as pets.


Companion “Wether” with Doe or Buck purchase $75.00

Multiple goat discounts

(Buck or Does Only)

Will be done on a individual basis.

4H / FFA verification needed on membership.