HOOF CARE - The first step to take when trimming hooves is to clean all dirt from the sole and between the toes with the point of the hoof trimmer, and or a hard bristled brush. If the hoof wall is overgrown, carefully separate it open and trim it off, one tiny cut at a time. Stop trimming when the sole appears pinkish, that is the point where you are close to the "blood" supply. Trim between the hooves where the heels meet, this area is softer so take your time. Heels are softer than any other part of the hoof. If in doubt about what a goat's hoof should look like, examine a very young kid's hoof. Keep a Blood Stop powder on hand. I prefer "cornstarch" it works just as well and does not "burn" or irritate. The hoof should have a 45-degree angle when properly trimmed. You can use a "kid" as an example of what a well-trimmed hoof should look like.

 A well-trimmed hoof will make for a happy healthy goat.