Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a miniature dairy goat breed originally from West Africa. Nigerian Dwarf goats are popular as hobby goats due to their easy maintenance and small stature. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are considered a dairy goat breed, according to ADGS. ( American Dairy Goat Association ) which makes them eligible for youth 4-H and FFA projects. Nigerian Dwarfs are also recognized by the

AGS ( American Goat Society ). There are several other private organizations that register Nigerians as well.
Does  measuring no more than 22 1/2” the withers.

Bucks  measuring no more than 23 1/2" at the withers. 

  The Nigerian Dwarf Goat is the only dairy breed known to occasionally have blue eyes, which is a dominant trait in goats.

 They can vary in color and patterns: White, black, red, cream and patterns such as buckskin (brown with a black cape over the head and neck along with other black markings) and chamoisee, with or without white spots. Some have white "frosting" on the ears.

 MILK Nigerian Dwarfs give a lot of milk for their miniature size. This is one reason they have the nickname "mini milkers" They can produce up to 2 quarts a day. Since Nigerians breed year-round,it is easy to stagger freshenings (births) in a herd  so the entire herd is never dry. This makes them the ideal milk goats for most families.Their milk has a higher butterfat content than most

 Full-sized dairy goats, usually about 5%, but going as high as 10% at the end of a lactation. This makes Nigerian Dwarf goat milk excellent for cheese and soap making.