Goats main diet is roughage. They need this to keep their bodies in good condition. Roughage can consist of brush or hay. Hay if possible should be made available free choice. If this isn’t a possibility replenish their supply twice daily

 A  feed of 12% - 18% protein goat feed or dairy ration. It most not contain urea as this is toxic to goats. Many breeders give less grain if good pasture and browse are available. Hay or pasture should always be provided in abundant supply. Fresh water in clean containers should also be available at all times.

 Most farm and home stores will have "goat" mixures. Pellet style is one type of feed available this can be medicated as well to help prevent Coccidiosis. A grain style sweet feed can be used as well. However if you have sheep DO NOT give goat feed or minerals specific to goats as this may contain copper which can be toxic or even fatal to sheep.

Goats also need minerals given free choice as well. Mix your minerals with baking soda this aides in thier digestion and helps prevent bloat...

 Goats like CLEAN FRESH WATER...If you wouldn't drink it, your goats won't either. In the winter time they prefer to have the water WARM.

  Black Oil Sunflower seeds are an excellent  treat for your goat. We mix with their regular "feed" and have found it really helps their skin and coats.

  Treats like with any child you have to watch your treats with goats as well, too much is not a good thing.

 Our goats love rasins but don't give too many or they may get the poops. Un-cooked elbow macaroni has become a favorite of theirs as well. Corn chips are good too and the salt content can make them drink more which will help with urinary calculi.