Christine Hainley
FairyTail Acres
Denver PA


It is with mixed emotions that I am forced to make some major changes here at FairyTail Acres. First and foremost I would like to thank my parents & sister for all the help both physical and emotional that you have given us. Even though you are five hours away, anytime we needed help you guys have always been here to help. No matter whether it was, when Michaela broke her ankle, when I had my many surgeries, or my recent diagnosis of cancer. Mom I think in the past year you've spent more time here in Pa. Then you did back home in WV.

Due to my recent diagnosis of Cancer, and current declining health, other health issues I have or had in the past I am unable to continue to mass produce the items that I previously had for sale. I just can't physically do it. I know I've been hoping my condition would improve and it's not, at this time I really need to concentrate on my health & my family. I would like to thank all the people that have supported me & my family during this difficult time I hope you will continue to support us with prayers & well wishes. You don’t know how much I appreciate all the prayers, well wishes, good luck wishes you all have given us. Who knows maybe in the future I will be able to start again. Please continue to check our web site & this page as well for any updates I may have.
We will be having babies in a few months. Check under our kidding page for updates.

God Bless,

Christine Hainley