FairyTail Acres is back !! 

    Ok we never really left, but after taking almost 3yrs off to battle cancer, and then a recurrence and a severely broken leg
we are back... We are not selling our soaps and lotions. But will still be offering our quality Nigerian Dwarfs.

We are slowly trying to re-group and get back in gear. I am still battling this cancer. I have had yet another surgery, that has left some permanent damage. I have some paralysis, and limited range of motion and permanent numbness and loss of feeling/sensation in large portions of my neck and shoulder region. I have issues with my "throat" and being able to swallow and at times breathe properly. I have just received another round of Radiation, that will actually be my last dose, as I have reached my limit. We are cautiously optimistic at this time. My broken leg has "healed" so I am a bit more mobile... we did kid last year (2015) with 16 kids out of 6 does. My Serendipity gave me 5 babies.


We kidded 9 Does and had 23 babies hit the ground.

1 was still  born, and 1 passed away the next day.

So the living count was

11 girls 10 boys.

We retired 4Fun Special Edition.

We lost our precious

FairyTail Acres Princess Tiara in August

She was a FF and gave me triplets, her daughter passed away 1 day later. Her Twin sons went onto a wonderful home as pets.